Revolutionising Healthcare

Early detection is one of the best weapons against disease. For doctors and researchers to reveal signs of disease at ‘point zero’ and detect a cancer even before patients experience any physical symptoms would be a game-changer.

Dr Despina Moschou

- Founder and CEO -

We are leading lab-on-chip technology development.

Our solutions will change the future of medicine.

Dr Despina Moschou and Dr Pedro Estrela talk about their journey into academia and research and why what they do means so much to them.

Lab-on-Chip technology has the potential of changing everyone’s life by allowing everyone to access healthcare services anywhere around the world at very low cost.

View our presentation hosted and presented by Georgia Iria Saridaki from IEEE Greece.

The talk entitled “Integrated Lab-on-Chip biomedical diagnostic chips: the SARS-CoV-2 example and beyond…” was given by Dr. Despina Moschou, Founder and CEO of TDX.

Lab-on-chip devices will revolutionise the way medical diagnostics are done in the presence of patients. The work we’re doing within C3Bio is at the forefront of exploring existing industrial capabilities such as printed circuit boards to develop low-cost mass-manufacturable lab-on-chip devices for medical applications.

Prof Pedro Estrela
- Founder and Scientific Advisor -